Online Casino

Would You Like to Know About Bonuses of Online Casino?

After deciding which online casino is legit, you cannot forget about other factors. The whole fuss is for you to play your choice of game without any concern. Software creates a huge difference to your gaming experience. However, along with that you can also reap the benefits of promotional offers like welcome bonuses. When you sign up for a new account, almost every casino would give you an offer or bonus.

The best online casino in whole of Asia and Thailand, the Ufakick by Ufabet even gives 300 Baht as free bonus for inviting friends to apply for membership. This is a quite popular and reliable online sports betting site. Betufa gives you direct online gambling services without any involvement of agents. Their website has strong online security system. You can conveniently bet and withdraw your money fast.

Know the Types of Bonus

When looking at welcome bonuses, the bigger amount always does not serve to be the best value of your money. You need weigh the conditions you need to fulfil for getting the bonus. Nothing comes for free so easily.

When you sign-up, you would either get a deposit bonus or non-deposit bonus. You can already get an idea that for the first type you need to deposit a certain amount into your account for the casino to award you the deposit bonus. As for the non-deposit bonus, it is much less in amount and not so readily given out like deposit bonus.

You can further differentiate bonuses as follows –

  • Sticky – You can’t withdraw it from the account. You can only wager and withdraw your winnings using it.
  • Non-sticky – You can withdraw it along with your winnings.
  • Phantom – The casino removes this bonus when you withdraw the winnings.


When you have already decided to invest in an online casino, welcome bonus means more chips to try out your luck. With bonus you can play for some extra time even if you fail to win.