Impact Of Legalising Dominoqq On Economy Of India

Dominoqq refers to gambling over the internet. In other words, making bets on certain events or consequences online or virtually is called dominoqq.

How can legalising dominoqq help the economy of India?

Protection from illicit activities:

Gambling has led to many illegal activities over time. By making a proper regulatory law, government can put a stop to such acts. This way a more positive and healthier environment can be created inside the country. When people will feel safer than they will be able to contribute more to the economy.

Strict rules and regulations:

Strict rules and regulations when made for various components of betting can lead to a transparent betting system. More and more people can play without the fear of any crime or without keeping someone’s life at stake. Such a behaviour would ensure more income into the hands of the government.

More income, more tax:

Dominoqq generates billions of incomes every year. Legalising this much income can increase the amount of taxes by a great number. Increasing income will certainly lead to increased living standards. Higher living standards will ensure equitable growth in the whole country. This way the government can get more taxes leading to more development.

Wrap up:

Some states have felt the importance of legalizing dominoqq. Therefore, states like Nagaland have made a strict law and classified games based on skills and games based on luck. Hence clearly bifurcating between the two and legalising online gaming. Some acts like Public Gambling Act, 1976 and The Prize Competition Act, 1955 were made. But both were made at a time when internet or online gaming were not in existence. Gambling or dominoqq can be beneficial for the economy if taken in a positive way. All its negative impacts can be reduced to a great extent if a legislature is created for it.